Our lawyers regularly publish in the most authoritative sports law journals and are co-editors and members of editorial boards of the relevant literature in the sports business.

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  • Soergel - Kommentar zum Bürgerlichen Gesetzbuch mit Einführungsgesetz und Nebengesetzen (BGB), Band 32, Erbrecht 1, 14. Auflage 2021: Autorin der §§ 1967-1974, S. 282-330
  • Klausur im Zivilrecht „Kinder auf der Straße“ – Examinatorium, in: Juristische Arbeitsblätter, Nr. 01/2019, S. 23-30
  • Klausur im Zivilrecht „Spielplatzfall“ – Examinatorium, in: Juristische Arbeitsblätter, Nr. 01/2018, S. 22-34

Football Law

We are publishers of Germany’s first handbook on football law that deals in great depths with the legal rules of professional football. The „Stopper/Lentze“, now in its 2nd edition, includes contributions from a distinguished list of 30 authors ranging from football association & federations to leagues, clubs, agencies, universities as well as lawyers from Lentze Stopper and other law firms.

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„The handbook is already pioneering – for specialist lawyers in sports law it is in the position to become the „bible“ in this field of law.“
Kommunikation & Recht (K&R) 11/2018


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